Sayers Lake

General Description

This 5,900-acre park lies in the broad Bald Eagle Valley of north central Pennsylvania. Two geologic provinces create Bald Eagle's scenic beauty: The Allegheny Plateau to the north and west holds smooth, undulating uplands, while the Ridge and Valley Province to the south and east contains numerous long, narrow mountain ridges separated by valleys.

The diverse geology in the park provides the backdrop for the lake, forests, fields, wetlands, and streams. Old field habitat throughout the park is undergoing natural succession. Grasses are giving way to goldenrod and asters, and gray dogwood and sumacs are being pushed out by pines and maples. These fields provide homes for bluebird, monarch butterfly, woodchuck, and cottontail rabbit, while squirrel and downy woodpecker inhabit the woodlots. A mature oak and hickory forest covers the Bald Eagle Mountain and provides homes for porcupine and turkey. The edge habitat created when old fields meet woods and wetlands allows white-tailed deer, woodcock and red-winged blackbird to thrive.

The lake, created by the Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir, holds black crappie, largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow perch and other warm water species. The lake also attracts snapping turtles, osprey, great blue heron and the occasional bald eagle. Several intermittent streams flow into the lake providing habitat for aquatic insects, crayfish, and minnows. Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir draws most of its water from Bald Eagle Creek. The creek flows through limestone, making itself and the lake alkaline. These conditions create a good warm water fishery.

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Launch Areas

Three boat launches are located within the Main Park Area. All boat launches have public restrooms.

Hunter Run West Launch, by the Russell P. Letterman campground, allows 24-hour access.

Hunter Run East Launch, off of Skyline Drive, allows 24-hour access.

Summer/Winter Launch, located along the lake north of the beach, provides year-round boating, a fishing pier, which can accommodate persons with disabilities, and 24-hour access. This launch is accessible at all water levels.

Bald Eagle Boat Launch, in the town of Howard, is lighted and allows 24-hour access to the lake. Lower Greens Run Boat Launch, off of PA Route 150, allows 24-hour access to the lake and a fishing pier.

Lower Greens Run Boat Launch, off of PA Route 150, allows 24-hour access to the lake and a fishing pier.

Upper Greens Run Boat Launch, off of PA Route 150, allows 24-hour access to the lake.

Fees & Licenses

Motorboats must display a boat registration from any state. Non-powered boats must display one of the following: boat registr Map

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