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The lands of The Alleghenies™ are home to some of the best fishing streams in the East, countless miles of hiking trails, rushing whitewater rivers, peaceful lakes, and the countryside Bicycling Magazine named one of the "five top bicycle areas in the nation." It's a place of quiet towns, picturesque covered bridges, and historic sites dating back to the time when these lands were the final frontier of America.

Discover the eight destination areas of The Alleghenies and enjoy a unique adventure in a remarkable place.

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Quick Facts
The Conemaugh Gap is the second deepest river gap in the eastern United States. The Gap is where the Conemaugh River breaks through the Laurel Hill Ridge. It extends for seven miles and is 1,700 feet deep.
The first steel rails for the railroads were rolled in a Johnstown steel mill.
Raystown Lake is the largest lake within the state; with it's 118 miles of shoreline, 8,300 acres of clean, clear water and 30 miles (as a bald eagle flies) of lake.
The Horseshoe Curve is one of the World's most incredible engineering feats.
The film All the Right Moves was filmed by 20th Century Fox Studios in Johnstown in 1983. The film starred Tom Cruise, Lea Thompson, Craig T. Nelson and Christopher Penn.
Sports celebrities hailing from the Johnstown Region include former Pittsburgh Steeler Jack Ham, former Denver Bronco Pete Duranko, former NFL Quarterback Jeff Hostetler, and Cy Young winner and former Milwaukee Brewer, Pete Vuckovich.
Herbie the Love Bug resides in The Alleghenies at The Swigart Museum, the oldest automobile museum in America having been established in 1920 by the late W. Emmert Swigart.
The Johnstown Flood of 1889 was the first major peacetime disaster relief effort of the Red Cross.